Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Mayan Life

My name is Kata and I am a regular boy in Mayan society. My father is a Merchant here in Maya. I sometimes go with him when he sells or trades , but usually he goes on big trips. When he goes on those big trips I can't go with him so he isn't home a lot. I always miss him when he is gone and I try to be the man of the house when he is gone because usually he is in charge.

At my place we are always paying are respects to all our gods. We believe in 160 gods. We are always praying to them and always respect them. Me and my mom always do these little traditions and stuff.

My mom is always at home and cleaning up. She also washes the clothes and feeds me and my dad also my sister. My mom is very strict but loves me and my sister very much. She always tells me that she loves me and I tell her that too. My mom also grows a lot of crops by using a lot of techniques. I don't know much about it because I want to be like my dad as a merchant because there is a lot of independence in that job and also lots of adventures.

I think life as a regular Mayan boy is a great time. But I can't wait to grow up and be by myself and experience life outside of the society and be able to learn so much more. But I am stuck right now as a regular Mayan boy.


  1. I like how you explained the things that a Mayans have to do.

  2. I noticed you must have done research because kata is a popular mayan name. That just proves that you put effort into making it so that your project was great down to the fine print.