Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life of a Mayan Noble In His Perspective

                I am always treated very well as a Noble in the Mayans. Me and all my other friends who are Nobles feel as if were as important as the Ruler.We know how to read and write and were the only ones so it is really cool. Also we wear very nice clothes with gold jewelry all around us. And we also wear skins of Jaguar and it is very soft and nice. When I look at the peasants ans other people I feel bad because they don't have my nice clothes.

                As jobs we carry out all the orders from the Ruler and all his decisions that he would make. If he wanted a temple made we would tell the workers and overlook the job to make sure it is right. Or if he ordered war we would gather peasants and get them ready to fight and we would lead them. We also gather the taxes for the Ruler , so we can maintain economic balance. I feel I have a good job that I wouldn't leave for anything else except for Ruler.

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